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Al-Mohaseb ERP Al-Mohaseb ERPAl-Mohaseb ERP

Al-Mohaseb ERP system is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system. It is a web application that can be used on local intranet, or online on the Internet on a private web server which is protected and completely secured against attacks. It is a powerful solution to link your company branches. You can use Al-Mohaseb ERP system in different operating systems and platforms.

Multi-Companies and branches

Our ERP system, Al-Mohaseb ERP, can be used for multi companies, a very useful feature for holding companies and audit offices. Each company's data is stored and retrieved separately from other companies data. The system provides unlimited number of branches for each company.

Powerful, fast, durable

Al-Mohaseb ERP uses Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database, one of the best reliable relational databases in the world and being used by thousands of big companies in storing and querying their financial and administrative data. The system is designed using best and latest technologies and server controls in web applications design to guarantee best and fastest performance for Al-Mohaseb ERP users.

Professional support

We provide our customers the best support when they post a ticket on the support center on this site، Tickets are replied within few hours and any updates are uploaded on our web server and, if needed, on our customer's server using a licensed copy of TeamViewer.

A flexible ERP system that grows with your business

Features of Al-Mohaseb ERPAl-Mohaseb ERPAl-Mohaseb ERP

Al-Mohaseb ERP system consists of several modules that integrates with each other to better serve different departments in your company, e.g. Financial, Inventory, Accounts Payables and Receivables, Purchases, and Sales. The system provides tens of reports to higher administration. The most important features of Al-Mohaseb ERP system are:


The system works in Arabic and English languages in all its data entry screens and reports. We can add more languages as per your request. You can switch to the desired language from anywhere in the system.

Multi Currency

Al-Mohaseb ERP system supports using any number of currencies. You can use any currency in journal vouchers and generate all financial reports with that currency or its equivalent in local currrency.

Multi User

Our system supports unlimited number of users license. The system administrator can set the role and rights of each user and specify which companies to access its data, as well as data entry screens and reports.

User Friendly

Al-Mohaseb ERP is a very easy application for its users, even those who don't have a reasonable experience of using web applications. Once a user is familiar in using one screen, then they are able to use the entire system screens easily.


The system automatically generates journal vouches for accounts payables, accounts receivables, inventory, sales, and purchase transactions. This feature facilitates work flow and prevents data entry redundancy which reduces human mistakes.

Report exporting

This feature allows the user of Al-Mohaseb ERP system to export all reports to Excel, PDF, Word, HTML, or even as an image.

Your ideas and suggestions to improve Al-Mohaseb ERP system are always welcome.

We thank you for sharing your idea and suggestion with us. We'll study your idea and develop it ASAP.

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