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This website is for our Mohaseb ERP users to help them overcome any problem they might face while using the app. They can post their support tickets at any time. Support tickets can also provide an excellent way for our users to give us their suggestions to improve the system. Our support team will be happy to review customers’ tickets and do their best to finalize customer requirements ASAP.

We review tickets on our working days, i.e. Sundays through Thursdays. We do not offer support or reply to tickets on Fridays, Saturdays, and Egyptian public holidays.

web star egypt software

web star egypt software (SAE) is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company (SAE stands for Societe Anonyme Egyptienne in French, i.e. Egyptian Joint Stock Company in English), which was established in March 2010 to offer web business solutions to its customers in Egypt and the Middle East. The company has developed many business web applications in different business sectors.

We've developed great business applications for: commercial companies construction companies health care and hospitals factories newspapers agricultural companies schools and institutes tourism and travel agencies

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